News / Events 2012

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Lecture 'Para-materiality' and crits at CCAE / University College Cork, Ireland

Keynote lecture 'Towards a new Fabricated Materiality' at the Parametric Thinking & Making on Architecture and Urbanism (PaTMAU) international conference held at Tunghai University, Taiwan - 24/25.11.2012
Keynote Speakers: Tim Stonor, Andrew Witt, Marcos Cruz
from left to right: Tien Ling, Marc Aurel Schnabel, Ercument Gorgul, Tim Stonor, Tom Verebes, Douglas Vieira de Aguiar, Shih-Wei Lo, Simon Shu, Marcos Cruz, Shun Ren Liou, Hao-Hsiu Chiu

Lecture 'Architecture's path to Ecology' at Tunghai University, Taiwan

Lecture 'Towards a Postmateriality' at the symposium 'AA - Contemporary Models of Production', EAUM Guimaraes, Portugal
Article 'Convoluted Flesh: A synthetic Approach to Analog and Digital Architecture' (by Marcos Cruz and Marjan Colletti) in Studioplex volume 1 - Architecture, a timely matter (ed. Mohamed Sharif), UCLA - Takashi Kishi / Sogo Shikaku LTD.

Lecture 'Interfacial Skin' and guest opener of semester exhibition opening at Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid Spain

Symposium 'Never Again Resistance?' at the Steinhaus, Steindorf Austria

Alga(e)zebo on DETAIL online

Alga(e)zebo on suckerPUNCHDaily

27-07-2012 - 10-09-2012
Alga(e)zebo - Wonder, Incredible Installations for the London Olympics, London UK.
Location: Euston Square Gardens, London
Design team: marcosandmarjan, London UK
Manufacturer: Formstaal GmbH & Co.KG, Stralsund Germany
Engineering: Bollinger-Grohman-Schneider, Vienna Austria
Photobioreactor: Richard Beckett - DMC London; UCL Algal Biotechnology, London UK (special thanks to Dr Saul Purton, Marco Lizzul, Lamya A Haj, Laura Stoffels, Joanna Szaub, as well as Joanne Field at the Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa, Scottish Marine Institute)

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Photobioreactor with bio-luminescent algae
Photo credits: BREAD

Marcos Cruz under UCL's spotlight.

Unit 20 exhibition opening at the Bartlett Summer Show, Slade School of Art UCL, London UK.
Photo credit: Maria Kuntsson-Hall

Bartlett Summer Show opening 2012, London UK.
Welcome speech
Photo credit: Steven Ascencao

Marjan Colletti and Andrea Branzi (guest opener)
Photo credit: Paul Smoothy

Peter Bishop, Marcos Cruz, Frederic Migayrou, Andrea Branzi
Photo credit: Paul Smoothy

Publication of Bartlett Annual Book 2012, London UK


Lecture at TEDx UCL, University College London, UK.
Location: North Cloisters, UCL
Speakers: Alisa Anokhina; Kristin Bakke; Peter Bentley; Ravi Das; Hannah Fry; Paul Gesiak; Amber Michelle Hill; Titus Hjelm; Helene Joffe; Jerome Lewis; Hugh Mattan; Ian Phillips; Kerstin Sailer; Sara Shulman; Semir Zeki; Ilya Zheludev; Ester Yuan.

Photo credit: Christine Lau

Unit 20 Final Crits at the Bartlett, London UK. 
Critics: Peter Cook, Marjan Colletti, Colin Fournier, Branko Koralevic, Jonathan Hill, Niccolo Casas, Hannes Mayer, Marcos Cruz


Lecture at TEDx Barcelos, Portugal.
Location: Auditorio S.Bento Menni, Barcelos
Speakers: Bruno Silva; Vasco Teiseira; Nuno Treitas; Maria Semedo; Jose' Manuel Costa; Jose' Valen,ca; Joao Paulo Pinto; Filipe Pina; Paulo de Carvalho; Ilidio Marques; Joao Vasconcelos; Marcos Cruz; Isabel Jonet; Carlos Sa'.

Talk and table discussion with Fernando Jerez, as part of the ESAYT lecture series at HUB Madrid, Spain.

Lecture 'Bio-Tectonics' at Universidade Lusofona, CCB / Coleccao Berardo, Lisbon Portugal.

Unit 20 Crits at the Bartlett, London UK. 
Critics: Sean Hanna, Oliver Domeisen, Justin Nicholls, Julia Backhaus, Hannes Mayer, Linda Hagberg, Marcos Cruz

23-03-2012 - 25-03-2012
Keynote Speech at the First-Annual Biomimicry Challenge, Syracuse University, NY State USA.
Location: Syracuse Centre of Excellence
Organiser: Donald Carr
Presentations: Kevin Stack, Josh Stack, Marcos Cruz

February 2012
marcosandmarjan project AGROPOLIS featured in the book Futuristics - Visions of Future Living (ed. Caroline Klein with Text by Stefanie Lieb), daab.

Lecture 'Nurbsters, Foldsters and Neoplasmatic Architecture' at Georgia Tech, Atlanta USA.
Photo credit: Terry Kearns

Crits at Georgia Tech, Atlanta USA. 
Critics: Lars Spuybroek, Marcos Cruz, et al.

Seminar talk at the V&A-RCA-UCL 'Skin' workshop, Department of Anthropology / UCL, London UK.

Seminar talk 'Inside-out Urbanism' to the MArch UD at the Bartlett School of Architecture, London UK.

Marcos Cruz becomes an invited member of the FAUTL School's Council, Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa, Portugal.

Crits at the ESAYT UCJC, Madrid. 
Critics: Jaime Bartolome', Pablo Gil, Fernando Jerez, Marcos Cruz

19-01-2012 - 18-02-2012
marcosandmarjan's Nurbster II table exhibited at 'Turning the Tables' show, Great Western Studios, London UK.
Location: Great Western Studios, 65 Alfred Road, London W2 SEU
Curator: Yael Reisner
Participants: Will Alsop; GilBartolome'; Cinimod; Peter Cook and Yael Reisner; Barnaby Gunning; Bernd Felsinger; Sixteen Makers; Helen&Hard; Naja de Ostos; Sandra and Rudolf Knoebl; Heng Zhi; marcosandmarjan
The tree of dining by Helen&Hard

Nurbster II by marcosandmarjan