Fluid Lattice with Beak

Bookshelf and cupboard - 2017 Marcos Cruz with Javier Ruiz
Design and manufacturing of custom-made bookshelf, London UK [built]

Marcos Cruz
Collaboration: Javier Ruiz
Fabrication: Bartlett B-Made
Photo credit: Marcos Cruz

The bookshelf was designed to display a rather large collection of books, while creating an inhabitable wall that defines different spaces in the room. The shelf also defines hidden areas to store numerous items that need accessibility without being visible, including photographs, old slides, catalogues, etc.
Photo credit: Marcos Cruz

The fluid morphology of the lattice with its protrusions and indentations defines areas of more or less width for storage, at the same time projecting an integrated table surface for office work. The resulting 126 compartments of variable size and shape accommodate in a customised way the book collection in terms of thematic order and shape.
The lattice organises taller books on the upper spaces for access of adults, while creating pockets for papers, rolls and other horizontally stored documents in the narrow middle area. The bottom is the children area, with smaller and bigger shelves in which books are in easy reach.
Photo credit: Marcos Cruz

The mdf structure was CNC routed and notched together without the need for additional screws or glue.