Teaching Activity

Marcos Cruz is an educator with a extensive experience as a design tutor and critic in numerous international universities. He runs MArch Architecture Unit 20 for over 18 years, as well as leads the BiotA Lab/rC7 since 2014, while supervising several PhD research projects. His international experience includes a wide range of workshops and design tuition at the University of Westminster (2008 - 2010), University California Los Angeles (UCLA, 2010), and the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia where he is a Visiting Professor and leader of the C-Biom.A group since 2014.

The research developed in MArch Architecture Unit 20, which Marcos Cruz has been running since 1999 with Prof. Salvador Perez Arroyo (1999-2003) and Marjan Colletti (2004- ) is focused on crossing boundaries of the traditional architectural practice. It investigates advances in a wide range of sciences, art - i.e. bio-technology, cyborg phenomenology, small-scaled intelligence, interactive environments, new materials, digital tectonics, as well as baroque and bio-art - with the aim to create innovative conditions in architecture and the city. Objects in our daily life are also under reconsideration leading to an understanding of buildings and urban environments that are created by many different strata, scientific knowledge, artefacts, and micro-worlds; of architecture that is in its conceptual, spatial, and technological dimension multifaceted, hybrid and interdisciplinary. Additional tutors of Unit 20 including Hannes Mayer (2010-11); Richard Beckett (2012-14); Javier Ruiz (2016-)

The work of Unit 20 has been extensively published and exhibited and many projects awarded national and international prizes. In 2002 Cruz was co-editor of the book Unit 20 (eds. Salvador Perez Arroyo and Marcos Cruz), published by Universidad de Valencia / ACTAR, which presented a comprehensive documentation of the unit’s research. More recent publication include Unit 20 - poroCities (eds. Marjan Colletti, Marcos Cruz and Richard Beckett) - ListLAB 2014; and Unit 20 - Hyper-Articulated Morphologies (eds. Marjan Colletti, Marcos Cruz), ListLAB 2016.

Simultaneously, there has been an intensive teaching activity carried out in the BiotA Lab/rC7 - MArch Architectural Design at the Bartlett since 2014 which he developed with Richard Beckett (2014-), Javier Ruiz (2014-), Chris Leung (2015-17) and Shneel Malik (2016-). The work of the BiotA Lab has gained international acclaim and has been exhibited in international exhibitions, including Biofabricate in New York (2015, 2016), Ecobuild (2016, 2017), Supermaterials at the Building Centre, London (2017), Royal Society (2017), and Tallinn International Biennale (2017).
Student awards:
Hoda Eskandar Nia; Wei Ziwei Zhao; Mirella Eleni Dourampei; Yuan Huang (BiotA Lab/rC7) - BPro Gold Award 2017; Yi Li; Sung Min Rhee; Ciao Xiao; Mia Leyi Qi (BiotA Lab/rC7) - BPro Honourable Mention 2017Crystal Xinhe Lin, Yuxin Jiang, Andy Zhili Wang, Qungyue Zeng (BiotA Lab/rC7) - BPro Silver Award 2016; Bartlett ‘Sir Banister Fletcher Award‘, ‘RIBA Silver Medal nominee’, joint winner of ‘Hamilton Associates Prize’, 1st prize of ‘3D REID Award’, 1st prize of ‘TECU International Student Award’ Germany, and 2nd prize of ‘KPF/Architecture Foundation Public Space Travel Award’ - Sara Shafiei (2007); 1st prize of ‘2006 AIA London / UK Design Excellence Travel Award‘ AIA American Institute of Architects UK - Kenny Tsui and Masaki Kakizoe (2006); Bartlett ‘Sir Banister Fletcher Medal’ and ‘RIBA Silver Medal Nominee’ – Hui Hui Teoh (2003); Arch+ Prize Germany, Commendation in Design - Mark Mückenheim (2003); Bartlett ‘Sir Banister Fletcher Award‘ and ‘RIBA Silver Medal Runner-up’ - Lisa Silver (2002); Bartlett ’Ambrose Poynter Prize for Promising Student in Architecture’ – Natalia Traverso-Caruana (2002); Bartlett ’Liftschutz Davidson Award for Learning for Practice’ – Gwen Lee (2002); Bartlett ‘Archigram Prize’ - Kevin Chu (2001);

Unit 20 Awards:
Best Unit in Show 2017 (Cruz/Colletti/Ruiz) Bartlett Openers Prize, awarded by Ross Lovegrove
Best Unit in Show 2013 (Cruz/Colletti/Beckett) Bartlett Openers Prize, awarded by Claude Parent
Best Unit in Show 2007 (Cruz/Colletti) Bartlett Openers Prize, awarded by Lord Richard Rogers
Best Unit in Show 2006 (Colletti/Murray) Bartlett Openers Prize, awarded by Paul Finch
Best Unit in Show 2002 (Cruz/Perez-Arroyo) Bartlett Openers Prize, awarded by Thom Mayne

Exhibitions of student work include:
Hoda Eskandar Nia, Wei Ziwei Zhao, Mirella Eleni Dourampei, Yuan Huang (BiotA Lab/rC7) at BioTallinn / Tallinn International Biennale (2017); Julie Hagopian, Sanika Mohite, X.Zhou, H.Qian (BiotA Lab/rC7) at Biofabricate 2016; ‘Saraben’ at Deamspace Gallery, London (2007); Reid Gallery, London (2007); ‘AVATAR’ at the Bartlett, London (2005); ‘Unit 20’ at Feng Chia University, Taiwan (2005); 'Mladá Britská Architektura' at Jaroslav Fragner, Prague; Galeria Medium, Bratislava; Löffler Museum, Kosice (2004/05); ‘London Weeks’ at Innsbruck University (2004); ‘Bartlett Experiments’ at Tokyo Institute of Technology (2004); ‘Intimacy, Spot on Schools’ at Beyond Media Festival, Florence (2003); ‘Material Intelligence’ at Entwistle Gallery, London (2003); ‘Unit 20’ at Rotterdam Biennale, NAI (2003); ‘Bartlett Experiments of Architecture in Movement’ at Framework Gallery, Berlin (2003); ‘Actions re Form’ at CAPC, Coimbra and Architekturgalerie, München (2003); ‘Unit 20’ at University of Valencia (2002); ‘RIBA Silver Medals’ at RIBA, London (2002)

Publications of Unit 20 work include: (update 2007)
Wallpaper (UK, 2006, 2007); Building Design Magazine (UK, 2007); AD – Architectural Design (UK, 2006, 2008); Re-imaging Architectural Design Studios (Taiwan, 2006); Time Architecture (PRChina, 2006); Arq./a (Portugal, 2005); L’ARCA (Italy, 2004); Portable Architecture (Spain, 2004); Intimacy, Spot on Schools: Beyond Media Festival Catalogue (Italy, 2003); Arch+ (Germany, 2003); Rotterdam Biennale Catalogue (Holland, 2003); Mesh (UK, 2003); Landscape Design (UK, 2003); Unit 20 (Spain, 2002), Realms of Impossibility (UK, 2002); ICON (UK, 2002, 2007); aj (UK, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007).

PhD Supervision:
Cruz is a PhD supervisor at the Bartlett UCL. Students include:
Pablo Gil (Secondary Supervisor) finished, VIVA 2014
Michael Wihart (Secondary Supervisor) finished, VIVA 2015
Alessandro Ayuso (Principal Supervisor) finished, VIVA 2016
Jaime Bartolome (Principal Supervisor) finished, VIVA planned 2017
Richard Beckett (MPhil Supervision until upgrading to PhD, 2017)
Shneel Malik (Principal Supervisor) ongoing
Nina Jotanovic (Principal Supervisor) ongoing
Niccolo Casas (Secondary Supervisor) ongoing
Malica Schmidt (Secondary Supervisor) ongoing

Academic workshops
2013 Tutor at tech-week, University of Newcastle, UK.

2010 Design tutor of workshop UCL/UCLA, University California Los Angeles - UCLA, Los Angeles USA.

2010 Leader and design tutor of marcosandmarjan workshop, Ecole Speciale d'Architecture, Paris France.

2009 Leader and design tutor of marcosandmarjan workshop, CITA/Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen Denmark.

2008 Leader and design tutor of marcosandmarjan workshop, Tunghai University, Taichung Taiwan.

2008 Leader and design tutor of marcosandmarjan workshop, Oslo University, Oslo Norway.

2008 Leader and design tutor of International Winter School - Multipli-Cities, University of Liverpool, Liverpool UK.

2005 Leader and design tutor of marcosandmarjan workshop - FCU & Bartlett Digital Architecture Workshop, Feng Chia University, Taichung Taiwan.

1997 Leader and design tutor of international workshop, Kassel University, Kassel Germany.