News / Events 2011

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Unit 20 crits at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London. 
Critics: Colin Fournier, Jose Sanchez, Marjan Colletti, Hannes Mayer, and Marcos Cruz

30-11-2011 - 07-12-2011
marcosandmarjan's Nurbster II table exhibited at 'Turning the Tables' show, Testbed 1, London UK.
Location: Testbed 1, 33 Parkgate Road, London SW11 4AU
Curator: Yael Reisner
Participants: Will Alsop; GilBartolome'; Cinimod; Peter Cook and Yael Reisner; Barnaby Gunning; Bernd Felsinger; Sixteen Makers; Helen&Hard; Naja de Ostos; Sandra and Rudolf Knoebl; Jason Bruges Studio; Nat Chard; marcosandmarjan

Introduction by Yael Reisner
Proposing the exhibition to TESTBED1, evolved from one’s architect’s instinct to promote and reveal the architect as maker whilst retaining the yardstick of an exhibition that might give a genuine joy to the aficionados of design. Architects, unlike product designers or artists, still lack the system of networking via agents, galleries or others and their design stays in the private realm of development without reaching the public domain. 

The aim of exposing a wide range of new tables - from cutting edge innovative ideas through to customized solutions designed around specific architects’ needs - has resulted in wide range of forms and intentions. It exhibits displays that are fast to re-assemble, or domestically suitable in an affordable context, through such varied approaches as the selection of a tree in the forest as the best tree of dinning or perforating steel sheet for best stress forces, vs. perforating steel for best laid table.

Architects who often focus on architecture – as one of the most complex visual arts – collaborate with many disciplines, who are all involved in the long a process of its making, from generating the design to the built end product on site. Nevertheless, some of them take a delight in directly making the real thing, and tables seem a great example of a pleasurable (yet relatively short) task that architects can enjoy making: right up to the moment of having the prototype in hand.

An incredibly wide range of CNC cutting machines and 3D printers enables today’s processes to be more affordable than even five years ago, cutting different materials, in almost no time, or laying others in tight layers. (Robots are now entering these processes, though not sufficiently cheaply as yet.)

Now more than ever before projects are led by drawing. A sketch that captures an idea is articulated and perfected through a three dimensional digital drawing - and there lies the real artistic craft of the architect these days. They have become the makers of 1:1 building fragments and objects - a revolutionary shift, turning them from the visionaries who often lead design processes through the crafts of others to the crafty makers themselves.  Yet with the manufacturing now often dependent on the machine, the artistic qualities resides and is controlled by the drawing; surely a meaningful change of character.

Bartlett Unit 20 Student Sam Welham distinguished by the IAB-SP with his project 'CO +/+ Incident', as part of the International Student Competition for the 9th Sao Paulo Biennale (9a BIA), Sao Paulo Brazil.
Tutors: Marcos Cruz, Hannes Mayer and Marjan Colletti
JuryAdo Franchini, Italy; Amilia Malavolti, Italy; Francois Chas, France; Ligia Pinheiro, Brazil; Mila Giannini, Brazil; Patrizia Pedrelli, Italy; Paul Maitre-Devallon, France; Yutaka Shiki, Portugal + popular vote.

Lecture at the FAU - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Unit 20 crits at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London. 
Critics: Marco Poletto, Izaskun Chinchilla, Ricardo de Ostos, Michael Wihart, Susana Soares, Sara Shafiei, Hannes Mayer, Justin Nicholls, and Marcos Cruz

Jury member of the Taiwan Tower International Competition (Stage Two), Taichung Taiwan.
Jury: Yu-Chien Ann; Adele Naude Santos; Hidetoshi Ohno; Chao-Lee Kuo; Sheng-Fong Lin; Shuenn Ren Liou; Marcos Cruz.
Prizes: Sou Fujimoto, Japan (First Prize); SOMA ZT, Austria (Second Prize); Stefan Dorin, Romania (Third Prize); CRAB Studio, London (Honourable Mention); HMC Group Inc, USA (Honourable Mention).

Lecture at URS127 Gallery / TamKang University, Taipei Taiwan.

Public Presentation of WIW project at the Sheraton Hotel Taipei, Taiwan.
Project: World-in-a-World / Chong Qing Nan Lu Towers, Taipei
Design Team: marcosandmarjan
Collaboration: David Edwards; Aleksa Rizova; Tze-Jun Wei; Ergin Birinci
Client: Glory Yeh Art Park Ltd, Taiwan 

Lecture at Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham.

Interview 'Marcos Cruz y la conciencia del tiempo' in resvista SU CASA, Costa Rica.

Talk at the event This is Tomorrow, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Toledo.

Jury member for the International Housing Competition This is Tomorrow, Fundacion Fiscac/Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha/Colegio de Arquitectos de Castilla-La Mancha, Toledo.
Jury members: Frederico Soriano, Jose Luis Pardo, Juan Luis Morazo, Donatella Fioretti, Marcos Cruz

Crits at the ESAYT UCJC, Madrid. 
Critics: Fernando Jerez, Marcos Cruz

Lecture at the Conference Public and Private in the Contemporary Age: Sliding Broders, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon.
Speakers: Bernardo Carvalho, Thierry Paquot, Jose Pedro Regatao, Julien Glauser, Jorge Figueira, Didier Fiuza Faustino, Marcos Cruz
We take great pleasure in announcing the Congress Public and Private in the contemporary age: Sliding Borders, organized by the Centre for Comparative Studies of the University of Lisbon, and to be held in the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon in October 13-14, 2011. This conference proposes a reflection on the theme of Public and Private and on the changes related to these two concepts from the second part of 20th century. The borders between these two concepts have been gradually sliding, as well as our needs and sensations. Man as social animal and as entity in continuous cognitive evolution tries to develop new strategies for his protection and exposition, relation and isolation. Our intimacy is more represented, exposed, nevertheless more and more unreachable and protected, distant from the other because of a continuous over-exposition. And above all does public means belonging to Everybody or to Nobody nowadays? To what extent does Privacy correspond to Intimacy and vice versa? Our intent in this occasion will be to determine the alteration of our time considering fundamental paradigms of our social living and questioning them beside the contemporary age. The main interest of this conference is the exchange of opinions and scientific results between different areas of study, but our reflection will focus on the way the concepts of private and public are changing, and how these changes are recognizable in our society: in the organization of spaces, in its rhythms and in its relationships, in its juridical organization, in the description of its demands and frustrations, even in the concept and image of the human body and its exposition and manipulation. Our need of privacy and of public exposition changed deeply in the last 60 years, we propose to start from this point of view in order to define the main paradigms to understand our own reality and man’s new necessities and expectations.
Jury member for the Taiwan Tower International Competition (Stage One), Taichung Taiwan.
Jury: Yu-Chien Ann; Adele Naude Santos; Hidetoshi Ohno; Chao-Lee Kuo; Sheng-Fong Lin; Shuenn Ren Liou; Marcos Cruz
5 Shortlisted Teams: Sou Fujimoto Architects, Japan; Stefan Dorin, Romania; HMC Group Inc/Raymund Pan, USA; CRAB Studio with Tai Architect and Associates and Buro Happold, London; Soma ZT/Martin Oberarscher, Austria

August 2011
Unit 20 student Wendy Boon Ting Teo featured in 'Wallpaper Graduate Directory 2011', Wallpaper, London UK.
Wendy Boob Ting Teo, model of New Taipei Central Station
Lecture 'El retorno de lo Figural' at the Veritas Festival, Veritas University, San Jose Costa Rica.
Organiser: Juan Carlos Sanabria (Director of the Veritas University) 
Speakers: Jorge Ayala / [Ay]a studio; Esteban Zamora; Benjamin Garcia; Juan Robles; Janet Echelman; Ruben Sepulveda y Margarita Flores / DearArchitects; Javier Rojas; Zoom Arquitectos; Pietro Stagno; Juan Lalinde; Marcos Cruz / Bartlett; Marcos Poletto / Ecologic Studio; Datum Zero

Touring the End-of-Year Exhibition at the Veritas University, Marcos Cruz and Juan Carlos Sanabria


Interview by Randall Zuniga for revista SU CASA at the Veritas Festival, San Jose Costa Rica.

July 2011
Unit 20 students Wendy Boo Ting Teo and Richard Beckett featured in 'Highlights from the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture Summer Show', The Telegraph, London UK. 

01-07-2011 - 08-07-2011
Unit 20 exhibition at the Bartlett Summer Show, London UK.
Location: Slade School of Art, University College London
Photography: Tze Jun Wei

Publication of Bartlett Annual Book 2011, London UK.

Bartlett Summer Show opening, London UK.
Guest opener: Itsuko Hasegawa
Location: Slade School of Art, University College London

24-06-2011 - 26-06-2011
Participation at the Studioplex exhibition, IE University, Segovia Spain.
Student work by Aleksandrina Rizova and Wendy Boon Ting Teo

24-06-2011 - 26-06-2011
Presentation and participation at the International Architecture Education Summit 2011, Madrid/Segovia Spain.
Organisation: Instituto de Empresas (IE) and University California Los Angeles (UCLA)
Photography: Mar Agra

Participants: Thom Mayne (Distinguished Professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Design, UCLA, Los Angeles), Javier Quintana (Dean, School of Architecture, IE University, Segovia/Madrid), Martha Thorne (Associate Dean for External Relations, School of Architecture, IE, Segovia/Madrid), Hitoshi Abe (Chair, Department of Architecture and Urban Design, UCLA, Los Angeles), Stan Allen (Dean, School of Architecture, Princeton University), Rob Docter (General Director, Berlage Institute, Rotterdam), Mark Wigley (Dean, Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, New York), Peter Cook, Odile Decq (General Director, Ecole Speciale d'Architecture, Paris), Monica Ponce de Leon (Dean, A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), Donna V. Robertson (Dean, College of Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago), Ingeborg Rocker (Associate Professor of Architecture, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, Boston), Urs Hirschberg (Dean, Faculty of Architecture, TU Graz), Wang Shu (Head of Architecture Department, China Academy of Arts, Hangzhou, China), Branko Kolarevic (Associated Dean, Professor and Chair in Integrated Design, University of Calgary), Hans-Juergen Commerell (Director ANCB - Aedes Network Campus Berlin), Winy Maas (Director of 'The Why Factory', Delft University of Technology, Delft), Yasuaki Onoda (Professor, Department of Architecture and Building Science, Tohuko University), Brett Steel (Chair, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London), Neelkanth Chhaya (Dean Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University Ahmedabad), Nobuaki Furuya (Professor Department of Architecture, Waseda University, Tokyo) and Marcos Cruz (Director, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London).

Lecture 'Sublime Flesh and Neoplasmatic Design' at the University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin Germany.

Presentation at the LUSO 2011 Summit, Nottingham University, UK.
Lecturers: Mario Baptista Coelho, Steve Lewis, Claudio Sunkel, Manuel Forjaz, Fernando Pinho, Ricardo Zozimo, Miguel Soares, Marcos Cruz, Joao de Vallera
Organisation: PARSUK

Radio Interview at Planeta Beta, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid Spain. 
Interview by: Enrique Encabo, Inma Maluenda with Izabela Wieczorek and Juan Roldan.

Final crits at the ESAYT UCJC, Edificio de Tabacalera, Madrid Spain. 
Critics: Jaime Coll, Judith Leclerc, Marcos Cruz

Unit 20 final crits at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London UK. 
Critics: Colin Fournier, Ricardo de Ostos, Murray Fraser, Christine Hawley, Justin Nicholls, Marjan Colletti and Marcos Cruz.

Lecture 'Marcos Cruz - exploracoes recentes' at the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa, Lisbon Portugal.
Photography: Dilen Magan/ M.A.D.

Lecture 'The Inhabitable Flesh of Architecture' at the Universidade de Evora, Portugal.

Unit 20 and Unit 22 crits (with Salvador Perez Arroyo and Andres Perea) at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London UK.
Critics: Salvador Perez Arroyo, Andres Perea, Izaskun Chinchilla, Carlos Jimenez, Marjan Colletti and Marcos Cruz.
Photography: Marcos Cruz

Unit 20 crits at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London UK. 
Critics: Theo Spyropoulos, Fernando Jerez, Marjan Colletti and Marcos Cruz.

Critic at PhD Research Project, Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London UK. 
Critics: Dr Sharon Morris; Dr Mette Ramsgard Thomsen; Sean Griffiths; Dr Marcos Cruz
Presentations: Jaime Bartolome; Eva Branscome; Joanne Bristol; Pablo Gil; Ruairi Glynn; Popi Iacouvou; Christiana Ioannou; Thomas-Bernard Kenniff; Laura Kuch; Tim Long; Christos Papastergiou; Felix Robbins; Nina Vollenbroecker.
Organisers: Dr Willem de Brujin; Prof Jonathan Hill; Dr Yeoryia Manolopoulou

10-03-2011 - 11-03-2011
Member of re-validation team of MA Design Interactions, Royal College of Art, London UK. 
Panel: Alan Cummings (Chair); Jeff Willis; Jane Pavitt; Mat Hunter; Marcos Cruz

Unit 20 crits at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London UK. 
Critics: Marcelo Spina, Roberto Bottazzi, Peter Zellner, Kasper Ax, Marjan Colletti and Marcos Cruz.

President's Medals Crit at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London UK. 
Chair: Ruth Reed (RIBA President) 
Critics: David Chipperfield, Peter Blundell Jones, Marcos Cruz 
Students: Jack Hudspith (Bronzemedal winner 2010); Jonathan Schofield (Silvermedal winner); Clare Richards (Dissertation winner 2010)