SYN.DE.BIO (Synthetic Design Biotopes) is a forum and website created by Marcos Cruz and Richard Beckett that aims to disseminate and promote new bio-digital work that is emerging in the crossroad of design, biology and engineering. Its objective is to develop a network of designers, artists and scientists who employ novel design methods and innovative fabrication techniques to explore and manipulate biological material and its application to the built environment. Advances in the field of synthetic biology, biotechnology, molecular engineering and material sciences, as well as new modes of production and simulation in architecture, product and textile design, are leading towards an increasing multidisciplinary approach to design. The result is a new sense of materiality, new hybrid technologies and unprecedented living forms.

Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa / ArchaID Lab
EcologicStudio (Marco Poletto & Claudia Pasquero) / Bartlett UCL
Henk Jonkers / TU Delft
Marco Lizzul / UCL Algae
Marcos Cruz / marcosandmarjan / Bartlett UCL
Marin Sawa / Imperial College
Richard Beckett / Betatype / Bartlett UCL
Splitterwerk (Mark Blaschitz, Edith Hemmrich, Josef Roschitz)
Steve Pike / Arcolony
Thom Faulders Studio

Marcos Cruz
Richard Beckett runs from the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London