The Boomerang

Residential Project - 2008 marcosandmarjan
invited competition project for a tower in Dubai

Design team: marcosandmarjan and Salvador Perez-Arroyo, Madrid;
Collaboration in London: Ben Cowd and Johan Voordow
Residential 75526 m2
Retail, leisure and parking 9406 m2
Total construction area ~85000 m2

The project develops from an optimised plan layout that gives to every single flat optimal sea views and over downtown, the palms and other landmarks. The dialogue of the glass skin and red infolded balconies results in completely different expressions of the tower: transparent and light if seen horizontally (i.e. from the neighbouring towers), articulated and bold if seen vertically (i.e. from the street level or from the tower itself). The building should change colour from red during the day to blue at night. The building is conceived as environmentally very intelligent to achieve LEED gold grade standards for Green buildings.