MAM - marcosandmarjan

marcosandmarjan is an experimental practice founded by Marcos Cruz and Marjan Colletti in 2000. Their design-lead investigations focus on the applicability of new design techniques and innovative construction technologies on architecture, as well as the development of new typological, topological, morphological and ecological conditions in complex building projects. They have done this through a variety of competition and exhibition projects, built and unbuilt commissions and a series of small-scale installations. New digital modelling and manufacturing technologies, including 2D and 3D processes, have been of particular relevance. marcosandmarjan were commended for their Alga(e)zebo project, an experimental pavilion commissioned by the London GLA on the occasion of the London Olympics, at the Architectural Review_Emerging Architects awards in 2015.

marcosandmarjan work has been extensively exhibited, including the Venice and Sao Paulo Biennales, along with two major solo exhibitions in Hamburg and Braunschweig. marcosandmarjan also designed the 75th Lisbon Book Fair and several winning competitions. Their work was featured in major international publications, including Digital Architecture Now (Thames and Hudson 2008), Chernikov Prize (ICIF / Tatlin 2011), Futuristic – Visions of Future Living (DAAB Media 2011) and Archilab – Naturalising Architecture (FRAC 2013). With 'Interfaces / Intrafaces' their work was presented in a monograph within the scope of the iCP Consequence Book Series on Fresh Architecture from SpringerWienNewYork. Their Algae-Cellunoi wall structure was also integrated in the permanent collection of the FRAC in Orleans.

marcosandmarjan and marcos cruz work (commissions/projects)

2015 Floating Cylinders, three exhibition pavilions with bioreceptive facades in Taiyuan, PRChina [non-built] (design team: marcosandmarjan with LUD London; Bioreceptive wall: BiotA Lab Bartlett; Collaboration: David Fischer)

2013 Algae-Cellunoi, wall installation for ARCHILAB 2013, FRAC, [built] Orleans France [built] (Design team: marcosandmarjan with Guan Lee and Richard Beckett; Fabrication: Grymsdyke Farm; DMC London; Innsbruck University; Algae technology: Marin Sawa with Nixon Group and Hellgardt Group (Imperial College); Richard Beckett (UCL); Collaboration: Emu Masuyama; Jessie Lee; Keith McDonald; Jonas Brazys; Cullum Perry)

2012 Alga(e)zebo, installation for the London Olympics, Euston Square Gardens [built], London UK (Design team: marcosandmarjan; Manufacturer: Formstaal GmbH & Co.KG, Stralsund Germany; Engineering: Bollinger-Grohman-Schneider, Vienna Austria; Richard Beckett - DMC London; UCL Algal Biotechnology, London UK (special thanks to Dr Saul Purton, Marco Lizzul, Lamya A Haj, Laura Stoffels, Joanna Szaub; Joanne Field at the Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa, Scottish Marine Institute)

2012 Nurbster XII, exhibition wall for Unit 20, Bartfest 10 [built], London UK (Design team: marcosandmarjan with Unit 20 students)

2011 Nurbster XI, exhibition wall for Unit 20, Bartfest 10 [built], London UK (Design team: Marcos Cruz with Unit 20 students)

2010 Molly Wally, exhibition stand for the ICE group, London Centre for Nanotechnology & Department of Chemistry, UCL - exhibited at the Royal Festival Hall for the 350th Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition, Royal Festival Hall [built], London UK (Design team: marcosandmarjan; Collaborators: Hubert Ducroux, Sébastien Tabourin, Camille Tenart, Tze-Chun Wei; Manufacturing: MESA studio at Grymsdyke Farm)

2010 Foldster - Sacred Folds, exhibition installation for the Sublime Flesh exhibition, Chistchurch Spittalfiedls [built], London UK (Design team: marcosandmarjan with Unit 20 students)

2010 Nurbster X, exhibition wall for Unit 20, Bartfest 10 [built], London UK (Design team: marcosandmarjan with Unit 20 students)

2010 WIW - Chong Qing Nan Lu Towers, feasibility study of three multi-programmatic towers in central Taipei [unbuilt], Taipei Taiwan (Design team: marcosandmarjan; Collaboration: David Edwards; Aleksa Rizova; Tze-Jun Wei; Ergin Birinci)

2009 Archimaera, nstallation for Ermida Nossa Senhora da Conceição, Lisbon [unbuilt]

2009 Nurbster IX, exhibition installation for Unit 20, Bartfest 09 [built], London UK (Design team: marcosandmarjan with Unit 20 students)

2008 Refurbishment of a flat in Soho, [unbuilt] London UK (Design: Marcos Cruz; Collaboration: Tze-Jun Wei, David Edwards)

2008 Nurbster VIII / Sponge - Blister Wall, exhibition wall for Unit 20, Bartfest 08 [built], London UK (Design team: marcosandmarjan with Unit 20 students)

2007 Nurbster VII, exhibition installation for Unit 20, Bartfest 07 [built], London UK (Design team:
marcosandmarjan with Unit 20 students)

2005/06 El Coral - museum extension for MEIAC [unbuilt], Badajoz Spain (Design team: marcosandmarjan;
Collaboration: Shui Liu)

2005 Nurbster VI - Floating Arabesque at iCP [built], Hamburg Germany (Design team: marcosandmarjan)

2005 75th Lisbon Book Fair, general Fair layout, cafeteria and auditorium [built], Lisbon Portugal (Design team: marcosandmarjan; Collaboration: João Albuquerque, Marco Sacchi, Shui Liu, Wanda Yu-Ying Hu; Graphic Design: Barbara Says; Associate Architects: Guedes Viinikainen; Construction: Contubos; Laser cutting: Lasindustria; Photography: Virigilio Ferreira, Ute Klein, Leonardo Finotti)

2005 Lofting House, housing project for Moita [unbuilt], Lisbon Portugal (Design team: marcosandmarjan;
Collaboration: Tze-Chun Wei, Wanda Yu-Ying Hu, Po Chuan)

2005 Feira Industrial dos Açores, Ponta Delgada [unbuilt], Azores Portugal, (Design team: marcosandmarjan; Collaboration: João Albuquerque, Marco Sacchi, Shui Liu)

2005 Nurbster V - Lisboa Folie [unbuilt], Lisbon Portugal (Design team: marcosandmarjan; Collaboration: João Albuquerque)

2005 Nurbster III - Splinewall, exhibition Installation for FCU & Bartlett Digital Architecture Workshop [built] Taichung Taiwan (Design team: marcosandmarjan with workshop students)

2004 Nurbster II, exhibition Installation for Metaflux at the Venice Biennale [built], Italy (Design team:
marcosandmarjan; Collaborators: Nat Keast, Samuel White; Cutting: Zone Creations)

2004 Nurbster I, exhibition Installation for Unit 20, Bartfest 04 [built], London UK (Design team: marcosandmarjan with Unit 20 students)

2004 Bai Jia Zhuang Retail and Office Building [unbuilt], Beijing PRChina (Design team: marcosandmarjan with J. Lu and S. Pike)

2003 Resurface, exhibition installation for the 1st Rotterdam Biennale, NAI [built], Rotterdam Holland (Design team: Marcos Cruz; Collaboration: Sirichai Bunchua with Unit 20 students)

2003 New Godet Club [unbuilt], Istanbul Turkey (Design team: marcosandmarjan; Collaboration: Jia Lu)

1998 Apartment block with 32 flats in Suzão [built, with alterations], Valongo Portugal (Design team: Marcos Cruz, Jorge Albuquerque, Engineering: A400)

1998 Refurbishment of a restaurant in Cais das Pedras [unbuilt], Porto Portugal (Design team: M. Cruz, J. Albuquerque)

1998 Primary school [unbuilt], Equatorial Guinea (Design team: Marcos Cruz, Duarte Soares Lema)

1998 One family house in Mindelo [unbuilt], Vila do Conde Portugal (Design team: Marcos Cruz)

1997 Two family houses in Vila nova da Pedra [built, with strong alterations], Maia Portugal (Design team: Marcos Cruz, Sonia Arbaci, Engineering: Isolino Morais)


marcosandmarjan and marcos cruz work (competitions)

2014 Striated Landscape, invited landscape design competition for the redesign of a university campus entrance, University of South China (design team: marcosandmarjan with LUD)

2013 The Pearl, invited competition entry for the redesign of the Union Square in Dubai UAE (Design team: marcosandmarjan in collaboration with RHJM)

2013 The Mirage, invited competition entry for the new Hakkasan hotel in Dubai UAE (Design team: marcosandmarjan in collaboration with RHJM)

2009 Khataba (Al Jadida) Agropolis - Self-Sufficient City, competition entry for the International competition for a self-sufficient city, Nile Delta Egypt (Design team: marcosandmarjan; 
Collaboration: Rocky Marchant, Sana Hassan, Nisha Patel, Heba Layas, Kapil Amarnani Chawla)

2008 Invited competition for a Christmas tree at Heathrow Terminal 5 (Design team: marcosandmarjan)

2008 Dunes, invited competition project for a sales centre in Cairo, Egypt (Design team: marcosandmarjan;
Collaboration: Tim Culverhouse, Damjan Iliev, Justin Lau, Abdur Razzak, Haroon Iqbal, Arvind Varsani)

2008 The Boomerang, invited competition project for a tower in Dubai (Design team: marcosandmarjan and
Salvador Perez-Arroyo, Madrid; Collaboration in London: Ben Cowd and Johan Voordow)

2004 Xiyuan, invited competition for an entertainment complex in Beijing PRChina [first prize, followed by stage
C proposal] (Design team: marcosandmarjan with Jia Lu - in competition phase with Jia Lu and Steve Pike; Collaboration: Nat Keast, James Pike, Shaun Siu Chong, Sirichai Bunchua; Renderings: Mark Exon, Kenny Tsui; Model: Keith Watson, Sirichai Bunchua, Andy Shaw)

2002 New Tomihiro Museum of Shi-Ga, Azuma Village Japan (Design team: marcosandmarjan; Collaboration: Andres de Aguilar, Jens Ritter, Steve Pike; Photography: Wanda Yu-Ying Hu, Steve Pike, Jens Ritter; Renderings: Jia Lu)

2001 Hyperdermis, 100% Rubber, UK

2001 New England Biolabs, Massachusetts USA (Design team: marcosandmarjan; Collaboration: Shao Ming; Photography: Yu-Ying Hu, Jens Ritter; Molecular Biology: Orlando de Jesus; Engineering: Daniel Bosia / Ove Arup and Partners)

2000 Palos Verdes Art Centre, Los Angeles USA (Design team: Marcos Cruz, Wanda Yu-Ying Hu, Gwenola Kergall; Renderings/Text: M. Potter; Layout: D. Leong; Engineering: T. Sheehan / Ove Arup and Partners)

1998 Cais do Rio Douro, Pinhão Portugal (Design team: M. Cruz; Landscape Arch: M. Cudell; Eng.: A400)

1997 New Portuguese Embassy Berlin, Berlin Germany (Design team: Marcos Cruz, Rui Cunha; Collaboration: João Diogo; Landscape Architecture: Laura Costa; Engineering: A400)

1996 Raval - UIA96, Barcelona Spain (Design Team: Marcos Cruz, Luis Guimarães, Julia Sübai, Katja Siller)

1994 Zaragoza Ribera Norte, Zaragoza Spain (Design Team: Marcos Cruz, Duarte Soares Lema; Collaboration: Ana Paula Cachola, Luis Guimarães)

1991 La Casa Più bella del Mondo, Reggio N’Emilia Italy (Design team: Marcos Cruz, Ana Paula Cachola, Luis Guimarães, Benita Azevedo, António Pinto with Nicolau Brandão)